Supernatural Seasons 1-10 Title Cards

I’m too sexy for my shirt. So sexy it hurts…

demon!Dean on Karoake // 10x01 // Black

  • Cas: *dying*
  • Me: *dying*


i love this moment. i mean, we’re supposed to hate this moment, because dean is being an insensitive dick, but i think it tells us a lot, not just about demon!dean, but also dean himself. dean’s always slept around and been something of a lady’s man, but we’ve never seen him like this. he’s always been respectful, loving even, in many cases. but you strip away dean’s humanity and he doesn’t see it that way. he can’t see the good in his own actions. dean’s always been one for self hatred, but who knew making him a demon would actually make that worse?

    This is my impression of Sam & Crowley's phone conversation

  • Crowley: Dean is mine.
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